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OMP & Norton Healthcare - A letter from Dr. McClain posted by Katherine McClain

I am happy to announce that as of February 1, Occupational Medicine Physicians has become part of Norton Healthcare.  As our practice continues to grow, we are excited about the opportunity to expand our reach into Louisville and surrounding areas.

That said, we remain dedicated to our existing clients and look forward to continuing our relationship with you.  While our staff will become employees of Norton Healthcare, our commitment to improving the health of your workforce will remain our top priority.

Norton Healthcare was the perfect match for OMP, as the organization was looking to expand occupational medicine expertise and employee health in Kentucky and Indiana.  I will continue to act as medical director for the occupational medicine program.  By partnering with Norton, we will have the opportunity to expand and improve the services we provide to you now.  You will have more access to facilities and care than ever before throughout this region.

Thank you so much for continuing to be our partner.  Because our relationship with you is very important to us, we promise to keep you informed during this time of transition.  While you can expect an unwavering loyalty from Occupational Medicine Physicians, please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

Best regards,

Dennis McClain, M.D.
Dennis McClain, MD
Medical Director

Experience the Difference!

At OMP we are dedicated to the total health management of your workforce.  As occupational medicine has evolved in the past 15 years, OMP has evolved as well.   While still important, traditional occupational medicine services such as injury treatment and physicals are not adequate alone to help companies compete in global markets.

Industry in the United States is being directly challenged by the dynamics of this global marketplace.  We can’t compete with other countries on the price of labor, taxes, and other costs of operation.  Our competitive edge must come from what has set us apart from the rest of the world for decades—our productivity.  That means getting the most out of your number one resource—your human capital.

Like any other wise investment there must be a financial return.  The OMP team of healthcare professionals can help you design a sensible plan for choosing the right employees and then managing all aspects of their health and wellness, work related or otherwise.  Keeping your team well and productive is the new paradigm in occupational medicine.  

How do we do it?  It requires a comprehensive approach to managing the health of your people.  We custom design a program that meets the goals you establish for your organization.  An appropriate medical physical combined with a functional analysis of your employee’s ability to perform essential tasks allows you to put the right person on the right job.  This greatly minimizes the risk of costly injury.  Dollars saved.   

When injury does occur, aggressive medical management from initial treatment through the entire worker’s compensation quagmire is the only proven way to control losses.  Judicious utilization of medical resources, rapid return to work, and case closure keep your insurance modification number where you want it—below the industry standard.   

Improving the health of your workforce is the next step.  This can be simple or more complex, depending on your needs and resources.  In today’s business environment you can’t afford not to manage your employee health.  The payoff comes in reduced absenteeism, increased productivity, and fewer healthcare dollars spent.  It all adds to your bottom line.   

Onsite nursing and medical care for both work-related problems and general health is available from OMP.  Group with TruckNurse practitioners or physicians who have a part-time presence inside your facility treat urgent conditions as well as coach and monitor problems from diabetes to high blood pressure.  We coordinate care with the employee’s personal physician to optimize management and avoid costly visits to the hospital or emergency room.     

OMP is the premier full-service provider of occupational health to 8 counties in Southern Indiana—Clark, Floyd, Scott, Harrison, Washington, Jefferson, Jackson, and Jennings.  From prevention to management, from education to drug screening, let our 100 years of collective experience make the difference for your company.  You will be surprised at how affordable quality medical care can be.  Good medicine is just good business!

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